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I'm in MEXICO now and that wasn't meantto be capitalized but I'm typing on my iPod and so this entry isn't going to be the most coherent.

Today we just hung around the pool and swam until eventually we went down to the beach. I tried a piña colada and (of course) hated it and gave it to someone else. I ate fish on a stick and then fruit drenched in lime juice.

It's extremely muggy all the time so once we came back to the condo we were all back in the pool. I ended up taking a post pool nap on the patio after drying off and reAdDing some Persuasion. Ugh this enth is a mess. Entry

We went to dinner at a fish place called Joe jacks fish shack. There was the best avocado ever. I ate more Mahi mahi. I can't type anything interesting on here because it is so frustrating. Aghh give up.


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where do all the lonely people come from?

Well I'm about as full as I've ever been.

After an entirely uneventful (in a good way, I loved being lazy) spring break, my Uncle Steven picked me up yesterday afternoon. He was staying in Newark, so we traveled over a lovely bridge (the Verrazano?) into Staten Island and then an ugly bridge from Staten Island to Jersey. Jersey's depressing looking. It's more open, certainly, in a way that reminded me a bit of Eugene (but maybe that's just because I've been in the city?) but the trees were ugly. They were bare because it's just barely spring and all that, but even the evergreens were sparse and gloomy.

Driving through Brooklyn, though, on a nice-weather-day by the light of day was lovely. Obviously it's not something I've gotten to do and I haven't walked all around because it doesn't seem safe to just wander around with no where to go or no destination, so seeing a bit everything was nice. I think I fell in love with Brooklyn even more, honestly.

We went to the Nets game at the Prudential Center in Newark. I was re-exposed to the trials of traffic, though I don't know if you could call the ten minute stall at 5:30 in Eugene true traffic. Prudential Center is nice, but the Nets are actually moving to Brooklyn. I thought about becoming loyal since Brooklyn will now have a team but uh, they are not so excellent.

Chicago wore green for St. Patrick's day but for a second I was just very confused and I asked Uncle Steve, "I thought the Bulls were red?"

"Aren't they?"

I forgot that he's red/green color blind, haha.

I finally finished Pride and Prejudice, the BBC Special version, after Uncle Steve went to bed because I can't get to bed at decent hours. It was excellent and the whole thing just made me beam with happiness. God, I love that story.

This morning and afternoon he worked and I did homework and I was fairly productive. Tomorrow and Sunday I have to write a 2 page SCR, read something for Crit, read something for Psych, and finish reading for Lit, but it shouldn't be so bad. I've got about 5 pages done of my short story and I need 8, so that's not so tough, either, especially since that's for Tuesday. For Wednesday I have to write a regular two page paper on a portrait of someone, but I've started that, too, and I have an idea of how it shall go. I don't think the week should be too bad.

At 4 we left to head into the city. We got there early and so we parked in a parking garage and walked around over to Rockefeller and the NBC Store. We went to the restaurant, AJ Maxwell's, which was fancy and not very crowded since it was fairly early, around 6. We kind of had everything. We had a shrimp cocktail appetizer which, oh my god, largest shrimp I've ever seen. And then there was bread! You know how I love bread. Also we decided to go for the clam chowder. Delicious, but surprisingly not thick? I mean, I was pretty worried for a second that I wouldn't like it because of that but it was still completely flavorful. We shared mac and cheese as a side, and then I got a sirloin while he got a filet mignon and we shared with each other. We were stuffed and we said no the dessert menu but yes to some coffee (I felt like a grown up, as this is the first time I've ordered coffee in a restaurant... but I'll have you know I did filled it up half way with creamer and dumped a ton of sugar in it, so not so grown up yet). Since we were having coffee we kind of thought, well, what the hell? So we split cheesecake. Oh god, New York cheesecake in New York? So much better than New York cheesecake anywhere else. 

I, of course, had leftovers. I can eat a lot when it comes to steak but I saved some for later this time.

Then we went to the show, crossing through Times Square, etc. It was a Beatles tribute show and I thought it would be like, some plot thing like Across the Universe or something, but it wasn't. It was just songs. And the people who played were FABULOUS. And I don't like musicals, so this was way better. I didn't know The Beatles that well (for some reason neither of my parents played them much when I was growing up. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?) but Uncle Steve had a CD in the car of them and with all the traffic from Brooklyn to Newark and then the traffic to the game and plus the drive back to Manhattan, it wasn't so bad, and I knew them fairly okay. Of course, I knew some songs from just existing in this world, too. My favorite's Eleanor Rigsby, I've decided.

I loved the show. The crowd clapped along and sang and was all involved, so it was really great and fun.

Going out to see a movie with Bryce and Anne tomorrow. Good stuff, good stuff.

know that maybe i will be okay

Yesterday was a real mess. The bursar had emailed me last week about an "outstanding balance" which shouldn't have happened because I asked at the end of last semester how much we would specifically owe for this semester. The lady gave me a number and that's what we paid. Now, all of a sudden, there's an extra $1,200 not accounted for. That's no small number. I was irritated but hoping it was a mistake or something

I went to the bursar with Ashleigh because she had the same issue (actually a lot of kids did, judging by the long list of recipients on the cc'd bit). Hers got cleared up easily enough, mine did not. The guy kept asking me if I had added money to my meal plan-- when did I add money? When did I do it? When did I choose my meal plan?

"Last year," I said. "Before I even got to Pratt."

He was sure I must've gone into Student Activities and put extra money on. I said no, I didn't. I had leftover money last semester. He didn't know where else the money would come from and then all he came up with was, "Well, whoever calculated what you owed for this semester in December did it wrong."

So we owe the money by Friday. I call my grandmother and she tells me to go back and ask them to specifically show me what we owe the money for, because we don't want to be paying for something when we don't even know what it is.

So he went through it with me. Basically what it was was that the money we paid added up only to a portion of what was owed, even though it was the same amount as last semester and everything. I don't even know how the lady added it up wrong, there was no clearcut 1,200 that she forgot to add or anything. I don't know. I kept bringing it back to how that's not the number I was told and he told me that "that wasn't the issue anymore." 

I was furious. It was the issue. They gave me a number and the number was wrong, and now I have three days to come up with that money, otherwise I get charged interest? For their mistake? 

After I left I had a meltdown and I ran into Bryce and Anne. He said I didn't look so good and I started crying all over again and I hugged him while Anne looked over the math and gave me a Chinese candy. Bryce assured me everything would be okay. They went to do homework and I went to my room and called my dad.

I went through a crisis of whether or not I wanted to be at Pratt next year with these money messes. Dad was very calm about it and told me to just choose whatever was right for me. I still don't know. I have to think pretty heavily on it, but I want to be here. I love Pratt. I love the program and New York and all the friends I've made here. I love it. I don't know what I would do if I were in Oregon. I'd have to adjust as a transfer somewhere, make new friends. It wouldn't be the same program. I'd be out some of the money for classes that don't have transfer credits. 

I think I'll stay here. I know that's what I want. I just have to have good juju. I have to believe that it will work out in the end and make it happen, make this money worth it. 

I spent the rest of the day in bed even though I'd been hoping to get out and do something. I just didn't want to anymore. I watched the BBC Special Pride and Prejudice. Well, 2 episodes of it. Ashleigh and I went out to dinner at the Chinese/Mexican restaurant, which is actually surprisingly delicious. I like their egg drop soup, which I am picky about when I go out places, and I'm obsessed with the steamed pork dumplings, oh my.

She went out after that and I watched Revolutionary Road. It was amazing and intense. I watched more Pride and Prejudice then and I went to bed around 4 o'clock in the morning.

I was also expecting myself to get up and go do something today but I didn't feel like it either. I didn't even go to the C Store for milk, which I need. I just played The Sims and didn't eat until 5 o'clock or so. 

Ashleigh recently left so I'm in the room alone tonight and tomorrow, then Uncle Steve will be here on Friday. I really need to do some homework but I have writer's block and I hate my story. I can't come up with anything. It's frustrating.

I think I will actually go out of my room. I'll get some food and drop off my movie at Blockbuster and get a new one. Tomorrow I'm going to appeal my subway citation, even though I've been putting it off, and I think we're going out to a movie, Bryce and and Anne and I.

this thing that i'm saying

Phew, I am exhausted.

Since Shelby was here for the weekend I have traveled into Manhattan every day for the past four days so that she could see, well, a portion of everything. Not everything, surely, because I still haven't seen everything. Anyways, the commute alone can really take a toll on people and then there's all the walking and on and on.

Yesterday Shelby woke up early and met her friend in a different part of Brooklyn for breakfast, and then I met her a bit later in Manhattan around Soho. I sat in a Dunkin Donuts and had a surprisingly delicious cup of hot chocolate, and then when she arrived we got on the A and headed up to Times Square so we could pass through that on our way to Central Park.

The park was dead. It's really dreary without the leaves on the trees, and not all that beautiful at all. The grass is dead and it's mostly dirt. I'm wondering when spring is going to really arrive. The weather's been a bit of a damper, too, all windy and whatnot.

Speaking of wind, from the statuses of home yesterday were crazy. Apparently fences and all sorts of things were falling down. It reminded me of third grade when the school was actually closed for at least a couple of days.

Here, it's so hot in our room that we have to keep our window open at night and the wind-sounds are spooky. 

Tomorrow is an errands day and perhaps some homework. I took Shelby back to Grand Central today and read on the subway. I'm about 100 pages into my book for Forum, which is very good and also very sad. It's interesting, though, because parts of it take place in Brooklyn and I recognize where he's talking about.

Last night I had a dream about meeting Daniel Handler. I think he came to the school or something but somehow everyone missed his lecture. I think they got lost. I was there, though. I also happened to have Adverbs on me, and I had him sign the page that "Soundly" starts on. I told him it was my favorite, and he told me of course it was, it was the best one.

It feels like break is already almost over, and I still have 6 days. Silly me.

Oh, here's my poem that got submitted to Ubiquitous:

Well, well. It's been about a month and oh, boy. It was a hellish month. I think I worked more in this month and was more addicted to a TV show in this month than ever before. All I wanted to do was watch Grey's Anatomy, and all I could really do was read 1,000 pages (yes, that was my assigned reading for one weekend), write some papers, start a story, and juggle a million other small assignment.

The thing that is very unfortunate about having 5 writing classes and being a Creative Writing major is that sometimes all the writing can just burn you out. Then, when you're burned out, you're forced to keep writing and then all your writing suffers from it. It's a precarious balance. It's especially difficult when I have assignments that are not interesting to me and that I do not care about.

For Studio over break I have to write the first draft of my short story. I had a story about a woman whose sister died when she was younger and they didn't get along. Her sister was on the verge of a really great life. She was brilliant, about to attend medical school, charming, lovely-- yet they didn't get along. Jealousy played a part, obviously. Anyways, her sister died and the woman-- Charlotte-- had a bit of survivor's guilt. She hadn't really pieced it all together because it wasn't until the point in her life-- the point where I was going to start writing-- where everything was coming together for her. She got a promotion. She had a serious boyfriend. Her best friend was getting married. Everything was going well, so well that she felt guilty. She was having the life her sister should've had. So she started acting out, ruining her own happiness out of guilt and confusing. She broke up with her boyfriend, quit her job, sold her house, whatever. She only realized it when she ran into her sister's fiance, who had since gotten over the tragedy and found happiness.

Ellery said there wasn't a driving conflict.

He was like, "So... what's the conflict in this story?"

I was already a bit agitated since the mini-conferences on the last day before spring break kept everyone over class. It was about 20 minutes past 4:00 or so and we were supposed to get out at 3:50.

"Well, she can't allow herself to be happy. Isn't that a conflict?"

"That's more of a situation."

"Okay... but she quits her job. Sells her house. Breaks up with her boyfriend. Actively ruins her own happiness."

"Well, what about... if instead of her best friend getting married, she's getting married? And she gets cold feet? And then seeing the fiance of her dead sister prompts her to realize it's okay and then she can go through with her wedding."

So that's my new story with all the other stuff I actually liked being thrown out the window. I would rather just do a whole entire new story but the whole thing is that there has to be a process that he can see with the finished product. I dunno, I'm just not thrilled with it. I have no interest in writing a cold feet wedding story and I just don't feel like my character would be emotionally stable enough to even say yes to a wedding. Maybe he'll just propose and she'll say she needs time. And then it will go through flashbacks. It's just now I'm not excited to write the story, and that puts a damper on it.

Also with my story beginning he said I had too much of a "writerly" tone and it didn't match the story. I understood the criticism, I suppose, but we can't even form our own styles. We can't do narration, just scenes. I just feel very constricted by it all, and I know we're learning things but also I feel like sometimes the class is putting us in a simplified constricted box. He has us map out an entire story we're going to do and then tells us we have to model the structure on a story we've already read in class. After we've mapped it out. After we have an idea for how it's going to go, he gives us rules for how it should be laid out, essentially changing it. 

I just don't like the class very much, I guess, and neither do a lot of my classmates, and I hate that because fiction is what I like to do.

Shelby came today. We're currently both in my twin sized bed. Someday I'll have to get an air mattress but I've only had people visit twice and in such a close span of time. Ashleigh has one but last weekend her brother was here when Liz was here and then now this weekend Justine is borrowing it.

I went to pick up Shelby at Grand Central, which I had never been to, and it was a mess. I mean, I figured it out and I was happy enough about that because New York can be a bit of a mess, but the only reason it was really a hassle is because I wanted to go and get my haircut so I left early and found a Super Clips or whatever a few blocks away. 

Am I the only one that thinks its stupid when number streets cross with number streets? Third and 54th should not cross. Numbers should just stay away with each other, it's misleading. Anyways, the shop ended up being boarded up with POST NO BILLS all over it so I guess it doesn't exist and I couldn't get a haircut. I wandered next to a nail place and got my eyebrows waxed, though, so at least there's that. It was very necessary.

Also, another opinion: nobody that is doing any service to you such as waxing should comment that it appears that you haven't had it done in a long time, or suggest that you get another part of your body waxed. The last two times I was asked if I wanted my lip done in addition. I declined both time because I'm afraid of having to keep up with it. I do need to get some bleach, though.

I had two poems make it into Ubiquitous this time! I was very nervous since my story didn't get in last time and I didn't even want to go to the meeting but I went and they both got voted with yesses. It will depend on whether or not there's space, but I was very excited and happy about it.

Anyways, Grand Central Station. I got sidetracked. Randomly. Erm.

Yes, so I wandered to Grand Central and sat on the steps and read my book, Man Gone Down, for Forum. It's going well; I've read 50 pages between yesterday and today. I stood in the middle of the station (can you believe that I couldn't find it at first and wandered around the nearby blocks? I mean it's Grand Central Station) and just looked up at the ceiling. It was startlingly beautiful-- a bright teal with gold zodiac images, the Crab, the Twins, the Ram. No Virgin, though. I was disappointed. A man walked by me and laughed because I was spinning and looking at this giant, ornate ceiling and he said, "Don't get dizzy, now."

We took the 7 to the G back home and both trains took a very long time to arrive. We had to stand on the 7 but luckily there were seats on the G. We got back and rested and ate at the cafeteria. I showed her how little of options we have and I ate soggy fries and mediocre chicken. Then we went to the mail room where I did not have anything and then to my room, where I guess the actual resting took place. I'm not writing chronologically or sensibly. I've forgotten how to journal, I guess. This is the longest I've gone in a long time without blogging. It's strange.

I showed her the campus and we took pictures with my film camera from Mike and the new Diana camera I got. We went out onto Myrtle because she wanted to explore. We were both pretty tired and I felt bad not wanting to go back into Manhattan, though she was exhausted too, but she was thrilled with Myrtle and all the little stores. We even went into some new ones. Green in BKLYN was cute and I found old vintage postcards to send to various people for the break. We went to Mr. Coco's and got strawberries for $1. We went out to dinner at the Chinese/Mexican restaurant of which I forget the name and had dumplings and egg drop soup that was very good. We rented movies from Blockbuster-- The Kids Are Alright and Brief Interviews With Hideous Men. After dinner at the C-store we watched the former and chatted so much and caught up on everything, so that was lovely.

Tomorrow we go to the Strand and thrifting! I think we'll go to a museum on Sunday and then she leaves Monday afternoon or whatever so we'll wander or something, I suppose. This week I think I'm going to try and scope out a used book store which I love as much as Smith's. I'll also catch up on my correspondence, maybe visit the Museum of the Moving Picture, and get some errands and homework done. Be productive! It's a good plan.
Today was thoroughly productive! Usually I take Fridays to wind down, etc. but these last couple Fridays have been busy with various things. Today I took the day for me and did what I wanted for the first half, until I got bored and actually wanted to do homework. I've been saving it all for Sundays which makes for dreadful Sundays, but today I was very good and I foresee a much better Sunday.

I woke up and started reading Jesus' Son, which I need to be done with on Thursday. I read it intermittently throughout the day and it's an easy read so I'm already on page 60, which is roughly half way.

I started The Language Instinct which is like 450 pages and I'll need to read that all by March... 1st-ish? I have a presentation on the 7th and I'd like to have a week to make the Powerpoint/think of what I'll have to say up there. I read the first chapter, which was only 12 pages, so I need to make a chart of some sort to see how much I should be reading per day.

I read the first few pages of Communist Manifesto for Crit, but I was pretty exhausted of reading so I didn't finish that. I wrote the first page of my homework that's due Tuesday, too. I'm pleased. I really should be doing more for Crit, but maybe tomorrow morning/afternoon. 

Ashleigh and I reorganized the room again, and now it's completely different. I really like it. Now we can both watch the same TV at the same time which is nice. It's also very symmetrical, which I also really like. 

Tomorrow evening we're going out to eat at some place for Francesca's birthday celebrations, which we are celebrating late. I am hoping Francesca won't get on LJ before today and tomorrow. I think it's fairly unlikely, but if, by chance, she does-- Francesca, don't continue reading because I'm going to talk about what I got your for your birthday.

She was tough to shop for because I just wanted to make sure I got her something she'd actually like. I was trying to find something useful for her but that did not happen and so I went and looked at things that I just knew she'd like. I found this thing on Etsy that's a seahorse imprinted on a page from an old, vintage dictionary. Then I got her a frame and a mat so she can hang it up in her room. I hope she likes it. I think she will. It's lucky that in the Cann you can hang things on your walls. Well, I can hang things on my walls too but not anything with a nail. It has to be tapeable. 

Classes are going well, but I've been thoroughly exhausted. On Tuesday night I was up until 5 am struggling with Joe through this Judith Butler text. We were down in the lounge and we got sidetracked by talking and worrying about Sandra (we like her, but she is still aggressive and nerve-wracking) but it still took just far too long to read because it was so dense. It was maybe more dense than Saussere and I hated Saussere. It was all about... god, how do I even word it? It was so dense I'm not sure how well I understood it. It was about language, and how language is what we do, and violent language is violent in itself and not only in the way that it expresses we may actually do a violent action. And then there was this whole thing about illocutionary speech and perlocutionary speech and I understood that, sort of, except that she just kept bringing it up in all these other situations that she wouldn't clarify either. It was just a mess. 

Anywhoooo. I'm gonna go to sleep now. Or read some more. Or watch some television.

holy smokes

I have not written in a long time and I've been itching to do it. I'm just about to start a semester where it'll feel like I do nothing but write, but there's always a difference in writing about myself. More calming, obviously.

I've been back at school for about a week now and so I've had all of my classes except for Psychology which was on Monday when we didn't have class yet. 

Thad, who teaches grammar, is going to be a hardass. It's going to be fantastic on the learning content, but it's all public line edits in front of the class and I'm always a bit nervous about sharing my writing with a new group of people. I suppose this is my assimilation, but it's a tough one. Also, it's not necessarily always our style. Like, no dialogue, telling and not showing, etc. I don't know. Francesca loved it but Francesca loves getting brutally torn apart in her writing and I haven't yet experienced or desired that so... I don't know. I'm anxious. Our first assignment is to write about our hometown (or an object of desire, but no way am I doing that). 

Then there's Ellery who teaches Fiction and I am excited for that but we haven't gotten immersed enough in it. 

Sandra, who teaches Crit which is already a class I'm not enthused about, is half crazy. She's interesting and funny, but she also teaches a class at a high level of anxiety. She calls on people randomly and her facial reactions are severe to anyone unsure of themselves or the answer to questions. It feels like we aren't allowed to be uncertain or that we'll be reprimanded for being wrong. Well, it doesn't so much feel like that as much as we actually saw that occur. 

This weekend's been nice, though.

The Pratt world is covered in a fresh blanket of snow. I was startled enough coming back here from Oregon where it was still relatively good weather, but the snow started melting and then again the next day there was an entire fresh coat. The weather forecast actually said "one hundred per cent chance of snow" which I don't even think I've ever seen before. Also, the low for some day or another this week is FIVE DEGREES. I may just collapse and die. Today while I was walking to the cafeteria, the wind was blowing and it was like sand at the beach. The top layer just blew all over the place, little grains of snow whapping against my body. Fairly freezing, to say the least.

Last night we got the whole lot of us together (Hannah, Francesca, Martha, Bryce, Anne, and Mike) in Hannah's room (Gina moved out and so we've taken over Gina's space essentially) and we watched Milk. Tonight Hannah and Francesca and I watched The Notebook. Tomorrow all of us (minus Francesca and possibly Mike) are going into Manhattan after a day of errands to grab dinner somewhere (I'm pushing for dessert at Bubby's) and to see No Strings Attached. Movie-fiend weekend. Also, I got Pride and Prejudice-- the old one-- from my Blockbuster queue and I'm very excited to see that.

And now I think I shall pass out of exhaustion.

all done!

Finals are over! It's an excellent feeling. I've already for a few of my grades back, and I think I've got to wait until the middle of next week or so for the others.

I've got an A in Forum, but that class was easy and I was expecting it. I technically only had one assignment, so. Even the assignment was easy.

I got a B+ in Word, Usage... I suppose I'm okay with that. I mean, I'm a bit frustrated because I feel like I should've learned more, but I was talking to Thad (the head of the department) at his Christmas party on Thursday and he asked me how I liked Rachmani and I said I wished the  class had been more challenging and he said, "I'm not too upset he's not coming back next semester." That wasn't what was originally scheduled, so I don't really know what happened.

I got a... wait for it... A in Physics. I want to crack up at the absurdity of it. I got a C on the midterm and failed to pay attention for the rest of the semester. I crammed with Mike the day before the final and he knew his shit, but still. I left 16 blank on the test to go back and literally just completely guess. So far Hannah and Martha got A's too, so seriously. He just curved like crazy. We were ALL unconfident about that. 

Now I've got to wait for the rest.

Most people left Thursday or Friday. I spent Friday finishing up my research paper (which is terrible) and my zine (which was more burdening than I imagined it would be). Afterwards I called Francesca and was like, "I just spent so much time on this goddamn thing. Where are you because I need to show it to you so that I can validate myself."

So we met and then we realized we'd both foregone eating for work and so we got a really early dinner and then later we had Martha come over and we hung out in Francesca's room for the rest of the night. 

This morning we all slept in. Francesca and I went into Manhattan to get Martha a little Secret Santa gift. Technically Bryce had gotten her but we kind of thought Bryce's gift wasn't very personal and everyone got pretty thoughtful gifts so we knew she liked jewelry and stuff so we went to Forever 21 in Times Square and got her a bracelet we thought she'd like and purple nail polish since she likes painting her nails and purple is her favorite color.

We basically just wandered around otherwise. We were going to go to FAO to get Sabrina some presents but all the stores near 42nd had actual lines just to get in. We weren't digging that so much. We were going to get dinner at a cart. There were some delicious smelling kabobs, but the beef one was $5 and I only had $4 and Francesca misplaced her cash in her myriad of pockets. The guy got all angsty and snapped that she should've checked before but it wasn't as if he cooked one specially for her... he just had them all on the grill, so I couldn't really see the big deal. She ended up finding it and we went to Chipotle instead. Francesca'd never been!

YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE? Nobody from the East Coast that I've found so far has ever heard of Chicken in a Biskit. I'd never thought of it before because it's Nabisco, but Tess came in a few days ago and asked if I had any snacks and I said yes, and I gave her some and she thought they sounded so weird but she came back the next day and was like, "Um, can I have some more of those chicken crackers?" Then I was talking to Ashleigh's cousin who stayed here the last two nights and she'd never heard of them either and was intrigued, and then I found out Ashleigh hadn't heard of them. So I asked Francesca today and she hadn't so I made her try some and then she was like, asking for more later, hahah. 

I wonder if they really don't have them over here or if everyone's parents just never bought them.

We gave Martha her gifts and then we were all just lazy.

Everyone's pretty much gone now! Martha leaves tomorrow morning so when Francesca left just a little bit ago she was like, "Uh, let's eat together tomorrow... because we're the only people here. But that's not the reason I want to eat with you. I also just love you."

The suite is so empty. It feels kind of eerie, like being home alone when the whole family goes out of town. I'm used to someone else sleeping in the room, and well I had those few days that I didn't have a roommate and when Noor lived here she slept out a lot, but Kate and Tess were at least still right there.

I'm actually really going to miss them all. I kind of love living with them. 

That's the weird thing about this-- now it always feels as if I'm away from half of my life. I'm so excited to get back to Eugene, though.

I can't wait to get to Smith's and Sweet Life and take all these pictures of Eugene and I'm going to read so much. It's going to be excellent. Excellent, excellent, excellent.


It is a busy two weeks, but after they are over, I will be home and everything will be a beautiful dream. Oh boy, I am excited. Unfortunately, these two weeks come with a lot of stress, including:
  • Research paper that I already want to kill myself over. Haaaate it.
  • Zine.
  • Wreading journal
  • Poetry portfolio
  • Word Usage final
  • World Lit final that I'm semi-unconfident about
  • Physics final that I am 100% unconfident about.
But! There is good news, too. I got my second major paper back from Critical Thinking and Writing, and I received another A. Emily may have loved it more than my first, saying:

This is a highly impressive paper. You generate a complex, specific, and original claim that draws together two texts in a creative and very insightful way: the notion of lack of origin makes plain the struggles for identity, the role of character and narration, and the difference between past/history and identity in each one. Which is exceptional both because at first it doesn't seem like these texts share so much in common, and because through this connection you've staged a really comprehensive discussion of each text that raises insightful points throughout. The paper is well organized, balanced, and does incorporate plenty of evidence; at every moment you attend to the micro-dynamics of the text and how a given, particular dynamic fits with the larger struggle for identity. Really awesome."

She gave some more detailed praise and then, of course, gave me some suggestions. Small things, mostly, so I'm pleased. She described it again as "a delight to read." 

Excellent, excellent.

In other news, I'm also in love with this whole zine thing. I'm doing mine on Harry Potter (what else?) so basically it's occupying all of my thoughts right about now. Here's a preview of what I've been working on:

Oops, it cut off a bit.


Actually they're all cutting off. Oh well. I'll post more about it later, because I'm going to continue working.


Good news! I am no longer so angsty. Dad figured out my financial aid woes and whatnot yesterday and so he texted me saying I was good to register and so I did after class and I'm really quite pleased with next semester's schedule, which is:

World Lit         Doloff                    11:00-12:20
Critical Thinking     Ruiz               2:30-3:50
Cognitive Psychology   Winkel    5:00-7:50

Studio        Washington          2:00-3:50

World Lit           Doloff            11:00-12:20
Forum                                      12:30-1:50
Critical Thinking       Ruiz     2:30-3:50

Word Usage         Ziolkowski      10:00-11:50

And still no class on Friday!

Classes were good too. Everyone was disappeared from Studio so there were only 6 of us and we got to go out and do some writing. The only thing wrong about New York weather is that it's so windy. If it weren't windy, it'd hardly be cold at all. 

But the class was good and I foresee a good weekend!

After class I did the whole registering thing and then I went and played Horse with Mike until 6. I beat him twice and lost three times but I have to say one of my wins might as well have counted for two because I only had an "H".  Also I made four backwards shots without looking, and we were both pretty impressed with myself. Next week I think Francesca's going to come too, I think. 

We went to dinner and loitered for 2 hours which was funny and amusing and we laughed a lot but I forget about what again. Jen was there, and she's taking a leave of absence next semester. Gina's also leaving because she realized that she wants to do something else.

Everyone wanted to watch Toy Story 3 but I promised a friend we'd watch it together when I went home for break so I went to my room and played The Sims 3 and then Ashleigh came home and she introduced me to True Blood which I actually really liked. So yeah. Another TV show to add to the mix, haha.

Anyways, anyways. I feel much better about everything now. Even the homework I don't want to do!


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